I moved into Brockton 8 years ago, 4 months before my daughter was born.  To be honest, it wasn’t our first choice in neighbourhoods; it was what we could afford.  Since then I’ve watched our neighbourhood grow as my two children grew.  I’ve walked the streets with strollers, scooters and bikes, seeing houses change hands and new stores, restaurants and galleries take up empty store fronts along Dundas, College and Bloor Streets.

I realize now how lucky I was to land here.  There is so much about this neighbourhood that is interesting.  It’s such a mix of people of different cultures and ages with so many different interests and professions.  There is a lot going on here.

Now Brockton feels like home.  The sidewalks and park benches are familiar friends.  Strangers are now neighbours. But even though I’ve been living here 8 years, I feel like I just scratched the surface.  There are decades of history to explore, there are stories in every kitchen, and with a turn on every street corner there are new faces and new experiences to discover.  Starting this magazine, the Blok, I hope to find out more about this wonderful place and its inhabitants and share it with anyone that wants to spend time with it.

For this first issue, I chose the theme Roots/Routes.  I wanted to focus on the history of the neighbourhood and highlight how the area is defined by the routes that border or run through it.  There are some fantastic personal stories to explore and some other surprises along the way.  This issue only touches on the some of the history here and the thousands of years of history before European contact is sadly not included, but I hope that this is a starting point for conversations between friends, family and neighbours about this neighbourhood.  Please enjoy!

Jason Bomers


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