Les Nobles

Sarah Couture McPhail is an artist, resident of the Brockton community and the creator of Neighbourhood Fan Mail.

About Les Nobles

I’ve been taking pictures of women who mean something to me (friends and family) and photoshopping them into old english paintings, then tracing the images and turning them into prints. I then write playful historical bios for them that are based on their accomplishments. The project is as much about the process as it is about the people featured in the prints. It is a lengthy method but it’s comforting spending time with the my people in the prints. Meditating on who they are and what they mean to me is validating. The history of women being reduced to their physical attributes is very long and rooted. I have added modern elements to the images too to ground them in the present though they are dressed up in the past.

The Honourable Baroness Karin

Aquatint on 4×4 inch zinc plate.

Baqi, Karin, LL.B. Esq. Born in the town of Nepean to parents immigrated from Bangladesh. Baroness of No One is Illegal; attorney under the Law Society of Ontario; scholar of the Humanities; protector and advocate of new Canadians and of the undocumented; political champion of the downtrodden on the streets in the land of Toronto; loving and devoted daughter and aunt; lover of ales and all things crafty.

Lady Mega

14 x 20 inch block print
McPhail, Megan. Lady of the T.O.R.D. Born in the small town of Timmins. Admirer of Sappho; scholar of networking computing devices; superior carpenter; master of the round flat track; known for her brute strength, her amiability, her love of ales, and her vociferous astuteness; she is a legendary aunt and a loyal sister and daughter.

Dame Nira

 Aquatint on 4×4 inch zinc plate.

Elgueta, Nira, Dame of Dundas. Born in Chile, immigrated to the land of Toronto. Scholar of women studies and of the arts; volunteer to the needy; executive to houses of refuge; benefactor of time and servitude to the destitute; advocate of the promotion of peace and social justice; mother of Lia and Simon; beloved friend to all.

Duchess Lia

14 x 20 inch block print


Reyes, Lia, Presider over Dundas West, born in Chile, nurtured in the land of Toronto; threefold threat of thespian arts; wielder of the long and short board; melodic player of the ukulele; lover of dancing and of whimsy; kind and loving daughter and sister; fun and loyal friend; immanent full and rewarding life ahead; best laugh ever.

Vicereine Carrianne

Aquatint on 4×4 inch zinc plate.

Leung, Carrianne, Ph.D. Vicereine of Brockton, born in Hong Kong, immigrated to Canada and grew up in the land of Scarborough. Doctor and scholar of Sociology and Equities; writer of fictions and of reality; beloved professor of modern English; co-owner of an Organic Grocery; mother of Fenn and her dogs Kuro and Ruby; partner of Andrew; steadfast friend.


Princess Jaclyn


Ray, Jaclyn, Princess of the Annex Territories and Liberal Indiana, born in Toronto and came into adulthood in London town of Ontario; master of mending fabrics and friends; celebrated organizer of people and materials; horticulturist of lavish gardens; gatherer of communities; missed wherever she leaves; dedicated friend; matched partner of Jason; lover of animals big and small.

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