Gender Bender

We’re in interesting times here.  As far as thoughts around gender go, we’re in some pretty unchartered territory. It’s becoming more acceptable for men to love other men and women to love other women and for men to turn into women and women to turn into men.  More women are doing the jobs that men used to do and more men are doing the jobs that women used to do.  For the first time in history it also seems that men are starting to question what it means to be male instead of just being it.

It can be argued that this revolution started in North America with the right for women to vote but really got going during the sexual revolution when the pill let women take control of when they wanted to have children and sex and didn’t have to worry from month to month if they would lose their jobs.  Read the article about how the McCormick family fortune almost solely funded the creation of the pill which changed and still changes lives for all sorts of women.  In Small Histories I also look at a different revolution, of how the Pride Parade started and the history of the Rainbow Flag.

The more you think about gender and the people that break the rules the more confusing it can all seem — what exactly is male?  or female?  What is learned from our society and what is controlled by the different hormones or genes in our body?   There are so many things learned in our society that favour being either one or the other, male or female.  It’s acceptable for boys to be wild, even aggressive, while girls are bogged down with appearance as soon as they can walk and talk.

Maybe it’s not so black and white.  While this issue has a smattering of thoughts and ideas around gender, The Blok unfortunately couldn’t cover all the different possibilities.  There are all sorts of ways to be and we believe as long as you are not hurting or taking advantage of anyone there is no reason why you can’t be whatever you want to be.  It would be nice to think of gender not as an all exclusive club but a great big party that we’re all invited to.

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