Friends of McCormick Park is a group that was started in 2012.  They meet every first Tuesday of the month at McCormick Community Centre.  They discuss and act on ideas to enhance the park and improve the community that we live in.  What’s important to know is that everyone in the group is a local resident that volunteer their time to help improve the park.   Anyone is welcome to come to the meetings or bring their ideas forward, old and new residents alike.  Their website is

Upcoming meetings:   April 7, May 5, June 2

Some of the things Friends of McCormick Park have done for the park in the past 3 years


  • Created an outdoor skating rink


  • Organized the first shipping container cafe in a city park
  • Fundraised and paid for the McCormick Park art in the park
  • Organized the McCormick Park Pumpkin Parade (ongoing) which happens on November 1st of every year
  • Organized the McCormick Park Fall Festival (ongoing)
  • Initiated and consulted with the pubic about the redesign of McCormick park playground.
  • Fundraised and Installed the Little Free Library


  • Fundraised and installed the Bocce Court
  • Flooded an outdoor skating rink, the first one in over 20 years (and planning it again this year)


  • Introduced new trees to the park and made sure they were watered through the Adopt-A-Tree program

The Little Stuff

  • had the water fountain fixed (it was removed during renovation and will be reinstalled in spring 2015)
  • had a bollard installed on the west side of the park so that cars and trucks can’t drive into the park
  • park benches were painted and repaired
  • new picnic tables brought into the park
  • had the curb lowered at the crosswalk on Brock ave to make it more accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.
  • had a bulletin board installed in the park

These are just a few examples of how committed volunteers can work together to ensure that our park is the best it can be. Join FOMP! There’s lots to talk about and lots to do!

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